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Auto parts precious metal spark plug concept
Aug 24, 2018

Conventional spark plugs using nickel-based alloy electrodes have become less and less suitable for modern engines with high power, high speed, and large compression ratio. In order to make the spark plug have higher ignition performance and service life, people began to aim at precious metals (platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, etc.), used them for the electrodes and correspondingly improved the structure of the ignition end. The precious metal has a very high melting point, with a melting point of 2042K for platinum and 2716K for sheet metal. Adding certain elements (such as antimony and palladium) has a very high resistance to chemical attack. This was made into a fine electrode (diameter: 0.2 mm), directly sintered in the ignition end of the insulator, or laser-welded to the front surface of the center electrode and the side surface of the side electrode by a wafer having a diameter of 0.4 to 0.8 mm.

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