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Basic structure of automobile parts spark plug
Aug 24, 2018

The insulator must have good insulation and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, can withstand high temperature thermal shock and chemical corrosion, and the housing is made of steel. The dimensions of the hexagonal threads of the housing have been incorporated into ISO international standards. The spark plug electrode includes a center electrode and a side electrode with a spark gap therebetween. The size of the gap directly affects engine start-up, power, operational stability and economy. A reasonable gap is related to the ignition voltage. The electrode material must have good resistance to electrical erosion (spark ablation) and corrosion (chemical-hot corrosion) and should have good thermal conductivity. Between the center electrode and the wiring screw is a conductor glass sealant, which must be electrically conductive, and can withstand the high pressure of the mixture combustion, while ensuring its tightness.

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