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Introduction of single-sided and multi-sided pole spark plugs
Aug 24, 2018

Conventional single-sided pole spark plugs have a significant drawback in that the side electrodes cover the center electrode. When the high voltage is discharged between the two poles, the mixture at the spark gap will absorb the spark heat and be activated by the ionization to form a "fire core." The place where the fire nucleus is formed is generally close to the side electrode, and the heat will be more absorbed by the side electrode, that is, the "anti-flame effect" of the electrode, which reduces the spark energy and reduces the flashover performance. Thus, in the 1920s, three-sided pole spark plugs appeared. Compared with the single-sided pole, the spark gap of the multi-sided pole is composed of a plurality of side electrode sections (punched into a circular hole) and a cylindrical surface of the center electrode, and the side-mounted spark gap eliminates the side electrode covering the center electrode. Disadvantages increase the "accessibility" of the spark. The spark energy is larger and it is easier to penetrate into the interior of the cylinder, which helps to improve the combustion of the mixture and reduce exhaust emissions. Since the multi-side pole provides multiple sparking passages, the service life is extended and the ignition reliability is improved. It must be pointed out here that the moment of discharge can only be a channel flashover, and it is impossible to jump at the same time. The discharge process of high-speed photography proves this.

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