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The difference between standard and protruding spark plugs
Aug 24, 2018

The standard spark plug is a one-sided electrode spark plug with an insulator skirt end slightly lower than the threaded end of the housing. It uses the most widely used conventional fire end structure for side-mounted valve engines. This structure is called "standard type" in order to distinguish it from the "prominent type" that appears later. The protruding spark plug was originally designed for the overhead valve engine, and its insulator skirt protrudes into the combustion chamber from the threaded end face of the housing. It absorbs more heat in the combustion mixture, and has higher working temperature at idle speed to avoid fouling. At high speed, due to the valve topping, the inhaled airflow is aligned with the insulator skirt, which is cooled, so that the maximum temperature is not increased much. Therefore, the heat range is large. The protruding spark plug is not suitable for the side-mounted valve type engine. Because the intake port bends more, the airflow has little effect on the cooling of the insulator skirt.

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