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Ignition Performance Of Platinum Spark Plugs
Aug 24, 2018

Increasing the ignition performance of the entire engine is a systematic project, and the performance of the engine alone will not change much. Because the engine's ignition system is mainly composed of high-voltage lines, ignition coils, distributors, spark plugs and so on. In order to fundamentally improve engine performance, we must first consider increasing the ignition voltage, and higher voltages can provide greater ignition energy. After raising the voltage, replace the high-voltage line with large wire diameter and good conductivity. Because the conductivity of a high-voltage line is related to its cross-sectional area, length and material, if the wire diameter is too thin, too long, and the wire contains more impurities, it will affect the ignition. performance. Only after these replacements are it necessary to consider replacing the platinum spark plug. Note that what is said here is only a consideration, not a necessity, because the ignition performance can be improved even if the platinum spark plug is not replaced at this time.

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