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Spark Plug Inspection And Replacement
Aug 24, 2018

After the front end of the center electrode is completely consumed, the spark splash will be aggravated, which may cause the ignition of the mixed gas to be unstable. As a result, I am afraid that the engine horsepower will be low, the fuel cost will increase, and the engine life will be weakened. Therefore, the exchange of spark plugs is recommended. The relationship between spark plug temperature and vehicle speed, and calorific value is shown in the figure. The upper and lower limits of the spark plug are limited by the self-cleaning temperature of the lower limit temperature and the pre-ignition temperature of the upper limit temperature. Only when the center electrode temperature is between about 500 and 950. When you are between C, you can fully function. Common spark plug exchange recommended period, 4 wheel sedan: 15,000 ~ 20,000 km; small car: 7,000 ~ 10,000 km; 2 wheeler: 3,000 ~ 5,000 km.

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