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The Principle Of Spark Plug Ignition
Aug 24, 2018

The ignition caused by the electric spark is to activate the combustion particles by the spark discharge between the electrodes, to generate a chemical reaction (acidic), and to generate a thermal effect, eventually forming a flame core. This thermal energy activates the surrounding gas mixture, and finally forms a flame core that expands toward the periphery centering on its own combustion. However, if the flame-eliminating effect of the electrode is greater than that of the flame core, the flame core will disappear as a result of the flameout (referring to the effect of flame elimination due to the heat absorption of the electrode). In addition, if the spark gap is wider, the flame core will become larger, and the fire extinguishing effect will also become smaller, which can ensure the ignition. When the spark gap is too wide, a large discharge voltage is required, which exceeds the performance limit of the coil, and cannot be discharged.

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