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Types Of Platinum Spark Plugs For Automotive Parts
Aug 24, 2018

There are many kinds of spark plugs. In terms of materials, there are mainly nickel alloys, platinum, etc. These materials have good electrical conductivity. The igniting plug has a cold spark plug and a hot spark plug. The electrode structure of the spark plug mainly includes a single pole, a bipolar pole, and a quadrupole. Among them, in order to improve the ignition performance of vehicles, many people will think of changing their unipolar spark plugs to multi-pole, or changing their own nickel alloy spark plugs to platinum. For unipolar and multi-level, this article does not discuss, but said that spark plugs of different materials, is it worth replacing? From the price point of view, the precious metal spark plug is tens of dollars more expensive than the nickel alloy, but its absolute value is not high compared to the price of the million yuan. Why the original factory does not use these precious metal spark plugs? ? Is it entirely out of cost? Or what other reasons? With this in mind, we can figure out if our own car is worth replacing the platinum spark plug.

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